AKTO Festival for contemporary arts

AKTO Festival for contemporary arts in Bitola

AKTO Festival for contemporary arts in Bitola is organized since 2006.

AKTO is one of the continuous festivals in the country dedicated to the development, improvement and promotion of contemporary art thought in the country. It is the largest activity on the frames of the organization FRU – Faculty of things tjat can’t be learned from Bitola/ Skopje.

  • AKTO 1 through 10 themes:
  • AKTO_1 Festival for contemporary arts;
  • AKTO_2 Art and food;
  • AKTO_3 Speed;
  • AKTO_4 Generations;
  • AKTO_4 Weddings;
  • AKTO_6 (Never) work!;
  • AKTO_7 Public/Audience;
  • AKTO_8 Lesson in nature and society;
  • AKTO_9 Hammer, not a mirror!,
  • AKTO_10: The ultimate golden collection of AKTO memories and futures 2006-2015 Vol. 2

Since AKTO 1 in 2006, during its nine editions, it hosted 408 participants from 15 different countries, produced 120 artistic events at 48 different locations throughout the city, 55 performances and 11 theatre plays, 15 exhibitions and 50 music events. The festival’s team included 190 associates and 250 volunteers. During the past 10 years it organized around 20 free-of-charge train transportations in Skopje-Bitola-Skopje relation.