Bitola city tour – Guided walking tour in Bitola city

Heraclea Lyncestis - Bitola, Macedonia

Bitola is a city which tells the stories of serenades, pianos, and love. The city of the first camera in the Balkans, the city of consuls, the city of pianos, the cultural center in Macedonia – Bitola has many epithets.

Bitola is a city which cherishes its memories as much as its future. Follow the “Golden Line” and allow our guides to present you the typical and vibrant local lifestyle in Bitola.

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Tour itinerary

Tour itinerary

  • Meeting with the guide at a previously agreed location/time in Bitola

  • Visit of the archaeological site Heraclea Lyncestis – IV cent. BC.
    20 minutes walk (2 km) from Heraclea Linkestis, through the city park to the main street – Shirok Sokak.

  • Visit of Bitola museum (permanent museum exhibition and memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk)

  • Shirok Sokak – Sightseeing tour.
    According to many, the main street in Bitola – Shirok Sokak is the most famous pedestrian street in Macedonia. This is the place in Bitola where you go to see someone or to be seen. The utilitarian buildings located on this street were built towards the end of the XIX c and the beginning of the XX c., and are decorated with the stylish elements characteristic of all “Neo” styles.
    Visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about: The “House of Army”, “House of Eleni Karinte”, Catholic church, The street of consuls, church St. Dimitrij, Clock Tower, Yeni Mosque, Isak Mosque, and Covered Bazaar – Bezisten.

  • Visit of Bitola old bazaar

  • End of tour



  • Location: Bitola city center

  • Walking distance: ~ 3.5 km (~ 2 miles)

  • Duration: ~ 3 hours

  • Start: Аt a previously agreed location (Hotel, Parking or Heraclea Lyncestis). Taxi from Bitola center to Heraclea Lyncestis costs ~ 1 – 1.5 euro.

  • Tour difficulty: easy

  • Languages: Macedonian, English

  • Tour includes: Escort by a professional tourist guide

  • Not included: Entrance tickets to: Heraclea Lyncestis (120 denars/ 2 euro), Bitola Museum (120 denars/ 2 euro), church St. Dimitrij (50 denars/0.8 euro)

  • Recommended clothing and equipment: Comfortable footwear and clothing depending on the weather conditions, camera


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