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Bitola is dispersed along the banks of the Dragor river at an altitude of 2,019 ft (615 m) above sea level at the foot of Baba Mountain.

Spreading on an area of 1,798 km². and with a population of 122,173 (1991), Bitola is an important industrial, agricultural, commercial, educational, and cultural center.

Bitola represents an important junction that connects the South of the Adriatic Sea with the Aegean Sea and Central Europe. 

Baba Mountain overlooks Bitola from the east. Its magnificent Pelister mountain (2601 m) is a national park with exquisite flora and fauna, among which the rarest species of pine, known as Macedonian pine or pinus peuce, as well as a well-known ski resort.

baba mountain


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St. Dimitrij (Св. Димитриј) church in Dihovo

The temple dedicated to St. Demetrius (St.Dimitrij, Св. Димитриј) in village Dihovo near itola is a small three-nave object with a bell tower attached to the western facade.