NI Institute and Museum Bitola

Bitola Museum is located in the building called “Old army Barack”, which is registered monument of culture of first category.

  • Open hours: Every day 08.00 – 16.00
  • On Mondays there are no guided tours

Built as a military high school (Idadie) in 1848 when the city of Bitola (Monastir) was military, administrative, political and commercial center of European Turkey, the military high school existed until 1900, when it was transformed into Military Academy and as such works until 1909. From 1909 to 1912 it served as high military school – military gymnasium.

bitola military academy
Among famous cadets who are educated in this facility are: Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – the founder and first president of the modern Republic of Turkey, Ali Feti Bey and Nijazi Bey leader of the Young Turk revolution in 1908.
From the Balkan wars until 1974, the building was mainly used as army barrack.
From 1976, the object gets a new purpose and within is located the National Institution – Institute for Protection of Cultural Monuments and Natural Rarities, or as it is known today – NI Institute and Museum of Bitola.

Bitola Museum Macedonia
In architectural terms, the building represents a synthesis of western and oriental architecture. In its dimensions and gauge as monumental building, it is a reflection of the builder accomplishments at that time in these areas. Also, in chronological terms, it is the only historical building of this type in Republic of Macedonia.
Within the museum building are located the Permanent exhibition of Bitola area, memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and administrative offices.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Museum Bitola Macedonia

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Permanent exhibition – Bitola Museum

In the permanent exhibition in Bitola museum, more than 2000 exhibits from various historical periods are presented. Beginning with prehistory, antiquity, early Byzantine, Medieval, Ilinden period, Balkan Wars, First World War, Socialist period up to the present, trough various especially valuable objects, the history of the Bitola region is presented.
The exhibited artifacts testify the existence of different eras – from the teeth of prehistoric mastodon, Neolithic tombs, mosaics and ancient basilicas, military weapons and art works from some of the most famous Macedonian painters: Tode Ivanovski, Mende Ivanovski, Ljubomir Belogaski, Borislav Traikovski (Borislav Trajkovski), Jovan Dimovski, Lazar Licenovski, Dimce Nikolov, Ranko Strumenikovski, Dimitar Pandilov, Nikola Martinovski, Peco Spiroski and others.
The revolvers of Macedonian national heroes Goce Delchev (Гоце делчев) and Gjorgi Sugarev (Ѓорѓи Сугарев), coins from ancient rulers, original pieces of old jewelry, gospels, decrees of Samuel’s, are presented in the permanent exhibition of Bitola Museum.
The numerous artifacts, their originality and arrangement, create a harmonious blend of historical eras, giving a cozy museum world. It is surprising how many valuable museum exhibits are presented on an area of 700 square meters.

Photo Gallery (Images: Bitola Museum)

Bitola Museum


Bitola Museum
Bitola Museum


Bitola Museum


Bitola Museum

Bitola Museum

Bitola Museum


Bitola Museum


Bitola Museum

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