The artificial accumulation “Bratin Dol” is located in the vicinity of the motorcycle track and is one of the favorite locations of cyclists and mountaineers who recreate in this part of the Municipality of Bitola.

Bratindol Lake near #Bitola city, #Macedonia

Fishermen are also a common sight, and during our visit, we had the pleasure of meeting the friendly villagers who were grazing their cattle near the lake.

The accumulatio is located about 7 km from Bitola city, near the village of Bratin Dol. The immediate vicinity of the reservoir can be reached by the asphalt road, after which due to the poor condition of the dirt road, you have to continue on foot about 300 meters.

In the past, when the dirt road was in better condition and when the motorcycle track was often used, this place was one of the favorite picnic locations of the people of Bitola city.


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Date of photos: 10.06.2020

Dirt road leading to Bradin-Dol Lake
The dirt road leading to Bradin Dol Lake
Dirt road leading to Bradin Dol Lake