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Brusnik is a village in the Municipality of Bitola, located 5 km from Bitola city center. According to the legend, Brusnik was formed from the families of the neighboring villages Lavci and Dihovo.

North of the village in the middle of the XIX century there was a small homestead of a strong Bey, who was killed and his land, later became village owned land.
During the First World War, village Brusnik was on the actual front line, and was burned.
In the village today exist the churches St. Dimitrij and Holy Salvation.

st. Dimitrij - Brusnik village, Municipality of Bitola Macedonia - Panorama
The village is constantly visited by hikers and bikers, which are attracted by the clear nature and the beautiful panoramic locations from where the city of Bitola and Pelagonia can be seen.
Up to the village leads an asphalt road.

Brusnik village, Municipality of Bitola Macedonia - Panorama

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