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Bukovo village is located in the southern part of the Municipality of Bitola at altitude of 770 m a.s.l.
There are two rivers passing trough Bukovo village: Stara Reka (“Old River”) and Kindarka.

The impressive architecture in village Bukovo is a testimony for its glorious past, that is, some of the houses are built in same style as the houses on the main street in Bitola – Shirok Sokak.

Architecture in village Bukovo, Bitola municipality, Macedonia
Architecture in village Bukovo, Bitola Municipality, Macedonia

It is assumed that the population in this village has settled from the villages in the surrounding area, and according to some authors, part of the population in Bukovo came from the ancient city Heraclea.

Especially attractive in the vicinity of village Bukovo is the monastery “Holy Transfiguration”, which is one of the favorite picnic locations for the inhabitants of Bukovo and Bitola.

Bukovo village is widely known for the red pepper produced here, known as “Bukovec” whose name is derived from the name of the village.

Churches and monasteries in Bukovo village

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