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Camera 300 is International Festival of amateur documentary film which is held annually in Bitola.

  • Camera 300 International Festival
  • Address: Partizanska bb, 7000 Bitola, Macedonia
  • Web:
  • Phone: +389 70 990 225

Nowadays, art in its all forms surpasses borders which limit man’s living and creation in time and space. Film and film presentation are these ambassadors with which the city of Bitola and the Republic of Macedonia travel throughout the world.

The Manaki brothers (Janaki and Milton) with their Camera 300 showed us pictures from the way of life in Bitola and the Balkans on a 35 mm film so that the today’s film makers can tell us their stories behind their cameras and create their visions through motion pictures.
Film as an art, presents Bitola as a film city of two international festivals: The Manaki Brothers’ Film Festival – a world director’s film festival and the festival of non-professional documentary film category FADF Camera 300

In the past 20 years many films from France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Moldova, Austria, Turkey, The Czech Republic, The Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belorusia, England, Israel, Estonia, and of course Macedonia have been awarded.

The quality of the past 20 film editions is recognized by many international jury members who are well-known professionals at this field, UNICA members and other domestic and foreign film authors.

FADF Camera 300 has a prominent place in the world’s non-professional film presentation which is proved by the number of selected films (each festival has 60-100 film presentations) as well as the number of film makers (50 to 90) at each festival.

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