Capari village – Municipality of Bitola

Capati, Bitola Municipality, Macedonia

Capari is a mountain village in the Municipality of Bitola, located on the slopes of Baba Mountain at an altitude of 1.010 meters, 15 km from Bitola. According to the census in 2002 in the village lived 493 inhabitants and it is also one of the largest rural settlements at the foot of Baba Mountain.

Споменик на паднатите борци од илинденскиот период и НОВ во с. Цапари

During the Ilinden Uprising, the inhabitants of Capari village actively joined the armed battles against the Turkish authorities, as it is evidenced with the “Monument of the fallen fighters from the Ilinden period” in the center of the village.

Particularly interesting is the traditional architecture and the authentic houses from which there are some more than 100 years old.

The village has a rich Christian tradition, which is witnessed with the cathedral church “St. George” in the center of the village and the monastery of St. Petka near the village.

St. George church (Read more…)

Monastery St. Petka (Read more…)

St. Atanasij (Read more…)

During the First World War, the front line ran near the village of Capari and today in the church of St. George and in the Bulgarian military cemetery near the village can be seen a large number of graves from that period.

Bulgarian military WW1 cemetery

There are several families in the village that have valuable private collections of rarities, and also the collection of Risto Velovski containing stuffed wild animals and birds is particularly interesting.

Вистински вир село Цапари

The Real Pool on Caparska River (Read more…)

During the winter period, a particularly interesting event is the Carnival Carnival under masks – “Vasilichari”.

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