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Bit Fest – Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest or Bitola Summer Festival is summer event which involves many renowned artists from Macedonia and abroad, and it is held every summer in Bitola.

  • Date of the event: June-August
  • Lacation: Various locations in Bitola
  • Organizer: Municipality of Bitola

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This festival enriches the cultural offer in Bitola, trough various musical-stage events like: theater, ballet, opera, classical music concerts, art exhibitions, various performances, rock, pop, jazz concerts, etc.

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

Bit Fest - Bitola Summer Festival

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AKTO Festival for contemporary arts

AKTO Festival for contemporary arts in Bitola is organized since 2006.

AKTO is one of the continuous festivals in the country dedicated to the development, improvement and promotion of contemporary art thought in the country. It is the largest activity on the frames of the organization FRU – Faculty of things tjat can’t be learned from Bitola/ Skopje.

  • AKTO 1 through 10 themes:
  • AKTO_1 Festival for contemporary arts;
  • AKTO_2 Art and food;
  • AKTO_3 Speed;
  • AKTO_4 Generations;
  • AKTO_4 Weddings;
  • AKTO_6 (Never) work!;
  • AKTO_7 Public/Audience;
  • AKTO_8 Lesson in nature and society;
  • AKTO_9 Hammer, not a mirror!,
  • AKTO_10: The ultimate golden collection of AKTO memories and futures 2006-2015 Vol. 2

Since AKTO 1 in 2006, during its nine editions, it hosted 408 participants from 15 different countries, produced 120 artistic events at 48 different locations throughout the city, 55 performances and 11 theatre plays, 15 exhibitions and 50 music events. The festival’s team included 190 associates and 250 volunteers. During the past 10 years it organized around 20 free-of-charge train transportations in Skopje-Bitola-Skopje relation.

Open post Interfest Bitola - Festival for Classical Music

Interfest Bitola – Festival for Classical Music

Interfest is an international festival dedicated mainly to classical music where many creative and reproductive artist from all over the world take place.

  • Date of the event: 02-12 October
  • Organizer: INTERFEST-Bitola
  • Phone / fax: 389 2 2611051
  • Email:

In addition to the classical music concerts, there are also few nights for pop-modern music, theater plays, art exhibitions, and a day for literature presentation during the event.

In the last few years there have been artists from Russia, Slovakia, Poland,and many other countries. For the reason of Bitola being called the city with most pianos, there is one night of the festival dedicated to piano competitions.

One award is given for the best young piano player, and another for competitors under 30.

Interfest Bitola - Festival for Classical Music

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International Graphic Triennial Bitola

International Graphic Triennial is held since 1994. Its main goal is with lust and great love to touch and discover the modern graphic activities from all meridians.

  • Organizer: NI Institute and Museum Bitola
  • Address: Kliment Ohridski 18, 7000 Bitola, Macedonia
  • Phone: +389 47 233 187
  • Fax: + 389 47 229 525
  • Web:

This exhibition is organized every third year.

International Graphic Triennial is the biggest graphic event in R. Macedonia. This year it is expected that in it will participate over 5 000 artists, from more than 80 different countries.


Open post MANAKI BROTHERS - The International Cinematographers’ Film Festival

Manaki Brothers – Film Festival

MANAKI BROTHERS – The International Cinematographers’ Film Festival, is the first and oldest film festival dedicated to the creativity of cinematographers across the world.

  • ICFF Manaki Brothers
  • Date of the event: September
  • Tel/Fax: +389 2 3211 811

It started in 1979 with the initiative of one of the main founders – MFPA/ the Macedonian Film Professionals’ Association. It was also co-organized with the Cinematheque of Macedonia and host-city of Bitola, established in honor and inspired by the abundant photographic/cinematographic opus of the MANAKI brothers: Yanaki (1878-1954) and Milton (1880-1964).

The festival grew with great potential so that after the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Macedonia, on the 8 of September, 1991 it was transformed into International Festival of world cinemas represented with feature films, competing for the three festival awards: the Golden, Silver and Bronze Camera 300.
Thus Bitola became the Mecca of the best international cinematographers, discovering many new talents who are today deemed superb wizards of film photography and cinema aesthetics. They are adorned with the awards of our festival, and at the same time recognized as glorious Oscar-winners who have strolled down the streets of Bitola, which they have considered to be an artistic hub, going back for many years.
Apart from the multitude of laureates of the awards from the CAMERA 300 competition, the Manaki Brothers is also proud of its CLUB OF GREATS, which features the greatest world masters of cinematography/photography who have been awarded the two highest, honorary awards: the “Lifetime Achievement Award Golden Camera 300” and The “Special Award Golden Camera 300” for Outstanding Contribution to World Film Art.
After the posthumously presented Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement to Milton MANAKI, on the 17th edition of the Festival in 1996, and following year, in 1997, the Golden Cameras 300 for Lifetime Achievement went to the Macedonian doyens – cinematographers Ljube PETKOVSKI and Branko MIHAJLOVSKI, while in the oncoming editions to date, laureates of these precious recognitions have been great cinematographers of world cinema art, such as: Sven NYKVIST, Henri ALEKAN, Freddie FRANCIS, Jose Luis ALCAINE, Jerzy WÓJCIK, Raoul COUTARD, Vittorio STORARO, Vadim YUSOV, Miroslav ONDŘÍČEK, Tonino Delli COLLI, Walter CARVALHO, Michael BALLHAUS, Vilmos ZSIGMOND, Billy WILLIAMS, Peter SUSCHITZKY, Dante SPINOTTI, Anatoli PETRITSKY, Luciano TOVOLI, Chris MENGES, Ryszard LENCZEWSKI, Jaromir SOFR, Bozidar Bota NIKOLIC.
While the winners of the second-in-rank award are: Christopher Doyle, Anthony Dod MANTLE, Robby MÜLLER, Bruno Delbonnel, Roger PRATT, Christian BERGER, Agnès GODARD, Luca BIGAZZI; as well as the actors: Victoria ABRIL, Daryl HANNAH, Catherine DENEUVE, Isabelle HUPPERT, Juliette BINOCHE, Bruno GANZ, Charles DANCE, Miki MANOJLOVIC, Aleksey SEREBRYAKOV and the directors: Jerzy MENZEL, Veljko BULAJIĆ, Karen SHAKHNAZAROV and Menahem GOLAN, as well as the double Academy Award winner –producer, Branko LUSTIG. Many of these great cinematographers in the role of presidents or members of the main international jury, have contributed in significantly increasing the importance of the award for the winners

Open post Ilinden Days - Festival of Folk songs and Dances in Bitola, Macedonia

Ilindenski Denovi – Festival of Folk songs and Dances

Ilinden Days (Илинденски денови) – Festival of Folk songs and Dances takes place in Bitola every year from 27-th July – 2nd August.

Мain function of this festival is to cherish the original folklore through research, valuation and presentation of indigenous, original content, expressed in the rich folk cultural treasure and their transfer to future generations as a priceless cultural values.

Ilinden Days is traditional festival in Bitola organized since 1972 on which have participated more than 1000 folk groups with more than 30,000 performers from the whole world.

Ilinden Days - Festival of Folk songs and Dances in Bitola, Macedonia

Ilinden Days - Festival of Folk songs and Dances in Bitola, Macedonia

Open post Lokum fest Bitola - Music performance

Lokum Fest

Lokum Fest is festival of music and tradition which takes place since 2007 in the old Bazaar in Bitola

Lokum Fest has clear mission to revive the old Bazaar, to preserve the cultural heritage and tradition through modern čalgija, promotion of traditional handicrafts and other presentations in the spirit of cultural tradition.
The festival takes place in July in Bitola old Bazaar.

Lokum Fest Bitola - Old Bazaar

Lokum Fest Bitola - Old Bazaar Bitola

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Camera 300 International Festival

Camera 300 is International Festival of amateur documentary film which is held annually in Bitola.

  • Camera 300 International Festival
  • Address: Partizanska bb, 7000 Bitola, Macedonia
  • Web:
  • Phone: +389 70 990 225

Nowadays, art in its all forms surpasses borders which limit man’s living and creation in time and space. Film and film presentation are these ambassadors with which the city of Bitola and the Republic of Macedonia travel throughout the world.

The Manaki brothers (Janaki and Milton) with their Camera 300 showed us pictures from the way of life in Bitola and the Balkans on a 35 mm film so that the today’s film makers can tell us their stories behind their cameras and create their visions through motion pictures.
Film as an art, presents Bitola as a film city of two international festivals: The Manaki Brothers’ Film Festival – a world director’s film festival and the festival of non-professional documentary film category FADF Camera 300

In the past 20 years many films from France, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Bulgaria, the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Norway, Moldova, Austria, Turkey, The Czech Republic, The Slovak Republic, Ukraine, Belorusia, England, Israel, Estonia, and of course Macedonia have been awarded.

The quality of the past 20 film editions is recognized by many international jury members who are well-known professionals at this field, UNICA members and other domestic and foreign film authors.

FADF Camera 300 has a prominent place in the world’s non-professional film presentation which is proved by the number of selected films (each festival has 60-100 film presentations) as well as the number of film makers (50 to 90) at each festival.

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Small Monmartre of Bitola

The Art manifestation “Small Monmartre of Bitola” is organized by the art studio “Kiril and Metodij” and during the years has turned into a successful children’s art festival.
  • Date of the event: May
  • Organizer: Art studio “Kiril and Metodij
  • Address: Marjan Bozhinovski 18, Bitola 7000, Macedonia
  • Phone: +389 47 235 184
Children from all over the world come in Bitola to express their imagination through art, creating important and priceless art that is presented in the country and around the world.
“Small Monmartre of Bitola” is a winner of numerous awards and nominations.
The most important dimension of ,,Small Montmartre of Bitola” is respect for the artistic heritage, with comparative works of children from different cultures and traditions. By meeting different cultures, children develop the spirit of multiculturalism and tolerance.
So far on the manifestation Small Monmartre of Bitola have participated more than 8,000 primary schools and kindergartens, with more than 500 000 children’s drawings from more than 45 countries worldwide.
Small Monmartre of Bitola 01
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