Open post Nize Pole Ski center - Baba Mountain, Macedonia

Nize Pole Ski Center – Baba Mountain

Nize Pole Ski Center is located above the village Nizhe Pole on the slopes of Baba Mountain at an altitude of 1,300 – 1,610 m above sea level. From Bitola to the ski center Nizhe Pole leads an 15 km asphalt road.

The ski center has three ski lifts with a total length of 2,150 meters and a capacity of 3,000 passengers per hour.

Usually the ski season starts from the beginning of December and lasts until the end of March.

Other information on Ski Center “Nize Pole”:

  • Altitudes of Ski runs – 1.300 – 1.610 m
  • Length of the ski runs under the cables is about 5,500 m.
  • Cafe bar (Bachilo) (working time every day from 08:00 – 16:00 h)
  • Ski paths for beginners and advanced skiers

Contact and more information

  • J.P. Strezhevo Bitola
  • Blvd. 1-vi Maj 77 – Bitola
  • +389 47 207-800
  • +389 47 207-816
  • fax .: +389 47 207-836
  • e-mail:

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Open post Kopanki Ski center - Pelister, Macedonia

Kopanki- Ski Center – Pelister National Park

Kopanki Ski center is located in National park “Pelister” in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia.

The location of the Ski center Kopanki itself on the northwest part of the National park, provides a view on the Pelagonia valley, the town Bitola and it’s surrounding, that takes Your breath away. This part of the park is one of the most interesting and most exciting localities, specific with his wealth of the rare kinds of flora and fauna.

The connection with the ski center is with 15 km asphalt road from Bitola, while the distance from the Ohrid’ s airport is 70 km, and from Skopje’ s airport is 180 km.

Ski center Kopanki - map

Chair lift and ski path “Bey Fountain – Kopanki”

  • Length of the complete plant 680 meters
  • Home station at an altitude 1400 meters
  • Bottom station at an altitude 1610 meters
  • Number of buckets with two seats 68
  • Capacity to carry 500 passengers per hour
  • The average slope 36%

Ski – ski lift and stasis, Kopanki

  • Length of the complete plant 580 meters
  • Home station at an altitude 1610 meters
  • Bottom station altitude 1800 m
  • Number of anchors pulling 45
  • Capacity to transport 700 skiers per hour
  • The average slope 38%

Contact and more info:

  • Hotel Molika
  • Address: Begova Cesma, National park Pelister, Bitola, Republic of Macedonia
  • +389 (0) 47 229 406
  • +389 (0) 75 495 725

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