Center for Social Work – Bitola

The Inter-municipal Center for Social Work – Bitola provides expert assistance and protection of various categories and beneficiaries, ie. assistance and protection of persons with social problems in the social sphere.

  • Address: “Karposh” bb
  • Phone: +389 47 241 426
  • Phone: +389 47 231 641

Services offered:

1. Marriage and marriage counseling
2. Advice center for minors, perpetrators of criminal acts
3. Adult Advice Center with a variety of problems and needs
4. Social Welfare
5. Permanent financial assistance
6. Assistance and care by others
7. Child protection (first aid, child allowance and special allowance)
8. Department in Demir Hisar
9. Day center for children with special needs
10. Center for Victims of Domestic Violence
11. Guardianship and adoption
Depending on the category of users, there is a social expert team available
worker, psychologist, pedagogue and lawyer.