Coat of arms and flag of the Municipality of Bitola

Грб на Општина Битола

The coat of arms and the flag of the Мunicipality of Bitola have been adopted and formalized at the session of the Council of the Municipality of Bitola, held on 21.03.2006.

The coat of arms of the Municipality of Bitola visually and heraldically expresses and captures the spiritual and material goods of Bitola. At the top of the coat of arms is a continuous gold frieze on a blue base symbolizing the rich and profound history of the city.

The centrally located red-gold shield represents contemporary Bitola, the rise of its urban, spiritual and material culture. At the same time, with its visual structure, it also associates with the glistening peaks of the Мolika (pine) tree and Pelagonia’s golden crops.

With its spherical lower part, the coat of arms is associated with Heraclea’s ancient theater.

The blue symbolizes the civil society and democracy.

The red color symbolizes the continuity of life and tradition.

Yellow is spiritual richness and its power, and white is a metaphor for moral purity and ethics.

The coat of arms of the Municipality of Bitola is a design of the architects Vladimir Porojevic and Kostadin Tanev – Dinka from Skopje.

The old coat of arms of the Municipality of Bitola (1944-2006)

Стар грб на општина Битола

On a white background are placed a folk costume, the Clock Tower with Mount Baba, pillar of Heraclea, a gem as a symbol of industry, and water flowing and representing the River Dragor. Above is the date of the liberation of Bitola, and five-pointed star as a symbol of socialism.