Cultural Heritage in Bitola municipality

Cultural Heritage in Bitola municipality and the surrounding regions

Museum of the Albanian alphabet

Museum of the Albanian alphabet

The “Congress of Manastir” aimed ...
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Yeni Hammam

Yeni hammam

Yeni hammam (New hammam) is ...
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Керим бегов амам

Kerim Bey hammam

The Kerim Bey hammam  (Turkish ...
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Dzepane - old turkish amory in Bitola

Dzepane – the fortress above Bitola

Dzepane or “The Fortress above ...
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deboj bitola great hamam

Deboj hammam in Bitola

For the Deboj in Bitola ...
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bitola monastir panorama 1848 edward lear

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola ...
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Stopanska Banka Bitola

Building of Stopanska Banka Bitola

The building in which today ...
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Oficerski Bitola - House of Army in Bitola

House of Army (Oficerski) in Bitola

Oficerski or The House of ...
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Isa Fakıh Mosque

Isa Fakıh Mosque is located close ...
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Zandan Kule Bitola

Zandan Kule (Prison Tower) in Bitola

Zandan Kule  in Bitola is ...
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Hasan Baba Mosque

Hasan Baba Mosque is located ...
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Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque Bitola

Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque

Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque is ...
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Jewish Cemetery in Bitola, Macedonia

Jewish memorial cemetery in Bitola

The Jewish cemetery in Bitola ...
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Magaza gallery Bitola

Magaza (Gallery)

Magaza cultural center in Bitola ...
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heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Heraclea Lyncestis – Archaeological Site

Heraclea Lyncestis is ancient Macedonian ...
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Clock Tower in Bitola

Clock Tower in Bitola

The Clock Tower with imposing ...
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Bezisten - covered bazaar in Bitola

Bezisten (Covered Bazaar) in Bitola

Preserved records from Bitola, pertaining ...
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Bitola bazaar

Bitola Old Bazaar

Bazaars in Bitola flourished especially ...
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Saint Dimitrij church in Bitola

St. Dimitrij Church in Bitola

The church St. Dimitrij in ...
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Catholic Church - Sacred Heart of Jesus Bitola

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church “Sacred Heart ...
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Yeni Mosque Bitola (Јени џамија)

Yeni Mosque Bitola

Yeni Mosque in Bitola is ...
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