Dupen Kamen – Dedebalci

Дупен Камен Дедебалци

In Macedonia, the significance of the Christian holiday, St. George’s Day (Ѓурѓовден), among the various religious groups is particularly interesting. On the hill between the villages of Dedebalci (Mogila Municipality) and Armatush (Novaci Municipality) is a well-known locality called “Dupen Kamen”, which is visited by a large number of visitors from different religious and ethnic backgrounds on St. George’s Day.

On this day, visitors peer through two rectangular rocks in search of “better health”. There are also water springs near the village, which are considered to have healing properties.

How to get there

Dedebalci is a village 24 km northeast of Bitola, in Mogila Municipality. The village is flatland, located at 592 meters above sea level in Pelagonia plain, in the central part of the Bitola Field.
At about half of the asphalt road that leads to the village of Crnichani, a dirt road separates to the right to the locality Dupen Kamen, about 2 km long.