Мetropolitan residence in Bitola – one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque architecture in Macedonia

Mitropolija Bitola

The building of the Metropolitan residence in Bitola, according to its historical and architectural aesthetic values, has the status of a cultural monument of Republic of Macedonia.

The building was built in the 80s of the 19th century, as Metropolitan residence.

After the Second World War and the liberation of Macedonia, the object becomes the seat of the Diocese of Prespa and Pelagonia (Преспанско Пелагониска Епархија) of the Macedonian Orthodox Church (Македонска Православна Црква).
The object is one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque architecture in Macedonia, which is reflected in the conception and architectural forms of expression, especially highlighted in the poles, as a prototype found in the Greek ancient architecture.

Baroque decoration of its facades are reflected in the applications above the windows, some of which are triangular brought, the pillars and pilasters, and the capitals of the Corinthian style.
The building is an important monument of culture of the Republic of Macedonia and is one of the most stylish items.

Metropolitan residence in Bitola