Goce Delchev Memorial museum

Goce Delchev Memorial museum
The memorial museum dedicated to the famous visionary of the Macedonian Liberation Movement is located on the street Stevce Patakot No. 11 Bitola.
The opening of this museum is based on the occasion of the visit of Goce Delcev’s visit to this house, to Bitola in 1901. The main purpose of his visit was to meet his friend and collaborator Dame Gruev, the founder of TMORO, who was at that time in the Bitola Central jail.
In 1977/78, following the complete reconstruction of the building and the preparatory survey, an opening celebration was organized on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of the murder of Goce Delcev on 4 May 1988.
The exhibition consists of two halls, which cover an area of 37m2 of which the first hall houses items connected to the life and the revolutionary activity of this apostle of the Macedonian Liberation movement.
 As a continuum of Goce’s revolutionary activity there is a presentation of numerous photos and documents showing the conditions and events of the Bitola Revolutionary District. Among the numerous exhibited items of this presentation, the revol-ver given by Goce Delcev to Mihail Rakidziev, the owner of the house and a member of the District Committee of the Bitola Revolutionary District, attracts special attention.
In addition, you can also see an original item, dating from 1905, embroidery of tiny different colored pearls showing a little deer drinking water, which was given as a gift to Mihail Rakidziev by the prisoners who were together with him in jail.
As part of the exhibition, in an appropriate room, there is also a glass cabinet holding the symbols of the revolutionary oath of the Organization as well as the weapon of the Ilinden period.
As an additional part of this exhibition the interior of the room in which Goce stayed and where meetings were held has been preserved and recreated with bringing authentic items of that time to show the original ambient of the rooms.