Hasan Baba Mosque


Hasan Baba Mosque is located in the Upper western outskirts of Bitola in Madzarmaale neighborhood, on the right side of the river Dragor.

During the nineteen-century Muslim refugees were settled in this area and it was known as the Muhacir mahallesi (Madžar maale, Маџар Мале). The mosque was erected in 1628- 1640, in the time of Sultan Murad IV (1623-1640).

Fazli Paşa, a commander of the Third Army in Manastır, renovated the mosque in 1883.

A few years ago the Islamic community started the renovation of the mosque building with the minaret, the mausoleum and the graveyard, which are surrounded with stonewall. There is another Bektaşi’s tekke in the vicinity.