Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola

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Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola is located on the left side of Dragor River, near the former Sheep Market and still existing Deboj in Bitola. According to the preserved historical sources the mosque was built in 1561 – 62.

The project was made by the famous Turkish architect Sinan Mimar (Koca Mi’mâr Sinân Âğâ) and the building was funded by Haydar Kadi, who at the time was Kadi (Judge) in the Bitola (Monastir) region.

According to traveler writer Evliya Celebi in the seventeenth century, this mosque was considered one of the most beautifully decorated at the time. According some sources it was the only mosque in Bitola with two minarets.
The mosque was restored in 1890, and it is also known that before the visit of Sultan Reshad V in Bitola (Monastir) in 1911, many of the buildings in the city and all mosques were restored.
Haydar Kadi Mosque after the Balkan wars was no longer in use as a religious building and from then it was exposed to constant ruining.

Haydar Kadi  Mosque is one of the most attractive monuments of Turkish construction in Bitola and it was recently renovated.

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Haydar Kadi Mosque bitola

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola, Macedonia