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Heraclea Lyncestis is ancient Macedonian city located 2 km from Bitola. Founded in the middle of IV-th century B.C. by Philip the Macedon, Heraclea existed for over a millennium as an important strategic point.

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In the middle of the II-nd century B. C. the Romans conquered Macedonia, destroying its political power, making it a province, disintegrated it into four districts. Heraclea which belonged to the fourth district, prospered a lot during this time, mainly due to Via Egnatia road, on which this town was an important station.

From the Roman period in Heraclea, today can be seen several buildings such: Roman baths, portico of courtroom, Theatre, and parts of other buildings within the town walls.

Heraclea - view from Roman Theatre

During the Early Christianity (IV-VIth century A. D.) Heraclea was important episcopal center. Several of its bishops are mentioned in documents from church councils. Bishop Eugrius is mentioned in documents from the Council in Serdica in 343, Bishop Quintilius in the Council in Ephesus in 449, and bishop Benignus in Constantinople in 533.

heraclea bitola macedonia - mosaic

Buildings from Early Christianity in Heraclea are the Small and large Basilica, the Episcopal Residence and the Cemetery Basilica with a necropolis outside the town walls.

Life in Heraclea, as in many other classical cities, died out at the end of the 6th century, when it is believed the population moved to the present location of Bitola city.

Heraclea Lyncestis, Bitola, Macedonia

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