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Museum devoted to Jewish ethnic entity Bitola

The museum exhibition devoted to the Jewish ethnic entity is housed in one of the rooms of the Portal of the Jewish cemetery in Bitola.

With the opening of this exhibition, Bitola Museum contributed to the general marking of the 500 years since the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal (1492) and their migration to the Balkans and Bitola.

The exhibition content is based on photographic documents, copies and other written documents, representing the Jewish ethnic entity that lived some 500 years together with the Macedonian population.

The majority of the exhibited items originate from the end of the XIX c. and the beginning of the XX c. Many family photos of distinguished Jewish families are presented as well as their folk associations, sport societies, rabbis, craftsmen, their participation in Second World War and the genocide of 11 March 1943 by the fascist military forces.

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