Jewish memorial cemetery in Bitola

Jewish Cemetery in Bitola, Macedonia

The Jewish cemetery in Bitola is located at the north entrance of Bitola, opposite the church “Holy Sunday”. The portal of the cemetery and the fence wall were built in 1929, intended to protect the graves. At the entrance of the Portal stands the text “Jewish cemetery Bitola 1457-1929 година”, which indicates the time since graves exsist on this location.

The Jewish cemetery in Bitola is one of the oldest known Jewish cemeteries in the Balkans. For a long time lost, many of the tombstones were destroyed, and in the past they were moved from their places and even used as building material. Particularly interesting was the library that was located in this place, for which, unfortunately, today little is known.

Еврејски гробишта Битола 1912 г
The Jewish cemetery at the beginning of XX cent.

The frontal part of the fence and the entrance portal with both commemorative rooms since 2000 are protected as a cultural heritage.

Given that funeral functions have not been performed in these cemeteries for a long time, they have the status of a memorial cemetery and the Municipality of Bitola is in charge of its maintenance.

Jewish cemetery Bitola, Macedonia

Jewish cemetery Bitola, Macedonia

Since recently, activities have begun on arranging the cemetery, clearing the tombs and gravestones, and there is a project for their arrangement in a memorial park, which would additionally enrich the tourist offer in Bitola.