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The Public communal Enterprise “Komunalec” was established as a Facility for Communal Hygiene by the Assembly of the Municipality of Bitola, for performing communal activities on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola. According to the nature of the activities, the enterprise is organized in 4 working units:

  • Common Services
  • Communal Hygiene
  • Public greenery
  • Funeral services

The main activity of JP “Komunalec” is extraction, transportation and disposal of communal waste from citizens and legal entities.


J.P. Komunalec

  • Address: 16-ta bb Bitola
  • E-mail: komunalecbt@komunalecbt.com.mk
  • Procurements: nabavki.komunalecbt@komunalecbt.com.mk
  • Phone/Fax: ++389/47 207 407
  • Switchboard: ++389/47 207 400
  • ++389/47 207 403
  • Web: www.komunalecbt.com.mk

Daniela Josifovska – person for communication with citizens who have a certain type and degree of disability.

  • Phone: ++389/47 207 400

Ikebana flower shop

  • Phone: 047/ 207-413

Plant nursery

  • Phone: 047/ 207-423


  • Phone: 047/ 207-418

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