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Monument of a Pioneer – Courier

The monument to the pioneer – Courier is located at Roseveltova Street No. 20, in front of the building that once housed the “Pioneer House”. The monument is dedicated to the youngest participants of the National Liberation War, during the Second World War.

Споменик на пионер – Курир
The Union of Pioneers of Yugoslavia was formed at the First Anti-Fascist Congress of the Youth of Yugoslavia held in the Bosnian city of Bihac on November 27-29, 1942.
The first members of the Union of Pioneers were the children who collected aid for the partisans, took care of the wounded fighters, performed courier duties, and there were also cases of children involved as fighters in the partisan units.

Споменик на пионер – Курир
The most famous pioneer fighter in the area of former Yugoslavia was Boško Buha (1926 – 1943), who was a young partisan, one of the biggest symbols of the Second World War in Yugoslavia, and a national hero.

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