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The mountain hut Shiroka is located at an altitude of 1950 meters below the peak Pelister. Also known as “the hunting lodge”, the object was used only during the summer months by blueberry pickers, who used it as a place to sleep and store the collected blueberries.

Since 2016, the process of renovation of the object has been started by PSK “Dimitar Ilievski Murato” and the Ski Club Pelister FreeRide, in order to provide decent conditions within the facility.

The mountain hut has a single room with beds, a dining room, and kitchen. The heating is with wood, and electricity is provided by an aggregate.

The mountain lodge is one of the favorite places for recreational hikers or as a stopover for mountaineers, cyclists, and off-road vehicles heading to Antenna and Big Lake.
During the winter months, a real attraction is the Freeride ski tours organized by SF FreeRide (more information ..).

How to get to the Shiroka Mountain Lodge

The easiest way to reach the Shiroka Mountain Lodge is to use the dirt road, which starts near the Info Center. The road is suitable for 4×4 off-road vehicles and is ideal for hiking and mountain biking. After passing about 9 km, you will reach the Shiroka Mountain Lodge.
The mountain lodge operates only with prior notice.

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