Nature in Bitola

baba mountain

The surrounding of Bitola is full with a lot of different kinds of relief configurations. The most impressive are the so called stone rivers, which consist of granite blocks and quartz sharp points, amassed one on another with no orientation.

The stone rivers are most impressive on the north side of the village Nize Pole, on the Crveni Steni mount with a length of 3 km.

Flora and Fauna

In the mountain’s near Bitola, live and deserve special attention: the Brown bear, Roe Deer, the Wolf, the Brown Hare, the Red Squirrel, Balkan Chamois and Lynx.
A lot of birds are registered also: the Rock Partridge, the Golden Eagle, and Red-billed Chough. The most impressive fish are: the Pelister and Pelagonia’s endemic Trout.
The flora has a rich diversity with forest areas of beech, fir, Molika and oak. The most valuable is Molika (Pinus Peuce), authentic kind of five-needle pine which is one of the most significant and most interesting ecological and vegetation phenomenon on the Balkan Peninsula.
Here also is a loot of specific plant: pelister’s crocus, sky dew, kantarion and heartsease. Also there is a bountiful specific mushroom.

horses near city Bitola in Macedonia

Rivers and Lakes

The mountain sources are situated in the upper parts of the mountain Baba, between 2.000 m and 2.200 altitude, while the Mountain Rivers have expressive mountain characteristics, full of plenty clear and cold water.
The two glacial lakes: Big and Small Lake (known as “Pelister’s Eyes”) single out by their natural attractiveness.

big lake pelister macedonia
The Big Lake is situated on an altitude of 2.218 m, it is 223 m long, 162m wide, and 14,5 m deep. By the lake there is a mountain home which gives visitors an opportunity to stay for a couple of days there.
The Small Lake is placed on an altitude of 2.180 m and is around 2 km far from the Big Lake. It has round shape, with maximum depth of 2,6m.

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