Neolica Mountain Hut

Neolica Planinarski Dom, Bitola, Macedonia

Neolica Mountain hut is located at elevation of 1440 meters and has a capacity of 48 beds.

Starting from the center of village Lavci, up to the mountain hut leads marked mountain trail which is appropriate for all ages ~ 2 hours hiking.

More experienced hikers, can continue up to the to other peaks on National Park Pelister:

  • Moutain hut Neolica – Peak Neolica – 1.3 hours hiking
  • Neaolica Peak – Skrkovo Peak – 1 h
  • Skrkovo – Muza – 1.2 h
  • Muza – Orlova Bara – 0.5 h
  • Orlova Bara – Golemo Ezero (Big Lake) 2218 meters – 1 h

Are you interested in a hiking tour and you need a licensed guide?

Neolica Bitola Macedonia

Neolica Bitola Macedonia

Neolica Bitola Macedonia


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