Orphanage for Infants and children Bitola

The orphanage for infants and young children Bitola was founded in 1950. This institution serves for care, nursing, nutrition and stimulation of children aged 0-3 years, orphans and parental care, as well as temporary accommodation and accommodation for single persons pregnant women a month before delivery and three months after delivery.

The following services are provided for children in the Institution:

  • Professional service for social, health, pedagogical and psychological activity;
  • Professional service for accommodation, nursing, nutrition and stimulation of children
  • Professional service for legal, administrative, financial and material operations.

This facility has a capacity of 120 beds with 2600 m2 useful area. It has:

  • Room for reception and establishment of emotional contact
  • Admission Unit with nursing and medical room for care and treatment of newcomers
  • Two baby groups (from 0-6 months to 3 years old) with seven bedrooms and two living rooms
  • Dining room and two occupancy
  • Rooms for mothers.

Contact: Orphanage for Infants and children Bitola

  • Address: Vasko Karangelevski bb
  • Phone: +389 47 253-339 and +389 47 254-339
  • e-mail: domzadoencinja@yahoo.com