Pazari – Public enterprise

The public enterprise “Pazari” was established by a decision of the Ministry of Finance of NRM on 09.06.1952, and by the Statute of the company on 12.08.1998. is constituted as a public enterprise “Pazari” – Bitola.

PE “Pazari” was established for organizing and managing the wholesale and retail markets on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola and for renting business premises.

The activity of the enterprise is carried out in the following organizational units:

  • sector for economic and accounting affairs;
  • department of General Legal Affairs and Leasing of Business Property;
  • market fee collection sector;
  • sector for issuing and storing scales and
  • retail and wholesale sector.


P.E. “Pazari”

  • Address: Kole Nedelkovski bb, 7000, Bitola
  • Phone: +389 47 237 416
  • Fax: +389 47 241 228
  • E-mail: