Rotino village, Municipality of Bitola

Село Ротино, Општина Битола

Rotino is a mountain village situated at altitude 1010 m above sea level on Baba mountain, 13 km from Bitola city. The village borders with the National Park Pelister and in its area most represented are pastures and arable land.

Rotino Lake, Baba Mountain
Rotino Lake

According to the statistics of Vasil K’nchov (Васил К’нчов: „Македониja, Етнографиja и статистика“) in 1900 in Rotino lived 680 inhabitants, all Macedonians. According to the Census in 2002, in the village, there were 113 inhabitants, a number which today is significantly reduced.

Like other villages in the surroundings, Rotino village was badly damaged during the First World War.

Rotino village, Bitola MunicipalityThrough the village passes the Rotino River, which is a tributary of the river Shemnica, and a special attraction represents the Rotino Lake, located south-west near the village.

Churches and Monasteries in Rotino village

St. Nicholas church

St. Nicholas church, Rotino village
Св. Никола, село Ротино

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Monastery St. Elijah

Monastery St. Elijah, Rotino village
Манастир Св. Илија, село Ротино

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A special attraction near the village of Rotino is the so-called “Rotino lake”.

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