Church St. Petka (Св. Петка) in village Gorno Oreovo is a three-nave structure with a seven-sided apse and a built-in porch.

Built in 1860 the interior of this temple abounds with good frescoes. In the altarpiece of the church, two rows of icons are placed that originate from different periods of time.

The church St. Petka is closely related to another interesting location near the village of Gorno Oreovo.

Namely, at about half an hour walk from the village is the locality “Dupen kamen” (transl: “rock with a hole”), which, according to the local population helps to the women who can’t get pregnant. Namely, on May 5th – ie. on the night before the christian holiday “Gjurgjovden” (St. George), the women who come at this place first encircle the church three times, and then they head to the locality „Dupen Kamen“. Here, wrapped around the waist with a rope and with the help of their companions, they descend through the narrow opening of the rock to the icon of St. George where a candle is lit.