St. Petka Monastery in village Capari, Bitola Municipality

St. Petka, Capari - Macedonia

The monastery complex St. Petka near village of Capari is one of the locations you can’t miss during your visit to Bitola. This monastery is one of the favorite locations for the citizens of Bitola during the hot summer days. Up to the monastery leads a narrow, asphalt road, just 1 km from the village of Capari, which is only 15 km distant from the center of Bitola.

Sv Petka Monastery - Capari village - Bitola Municipality - Macedonia
According to some sources, in the 16th century here existed a monastery which was renovated in the 18th century. Today’s monastery church was built in 1849, according to the inscription in the western part of the church.
The monastery church has a shape of a small three-nave basilica and is painted by unknown painters.

Sv Petka Monastery - Capari village - Bitola Municipality - Macedonia

Somewhere in the ’90s of the 20 century the monastery was burned by a great fire, which made significant damage to the church, and a large part of its interior was lost. Later the local population renovated the monastery, and today it is one of the most beautiful monasteries in this part of Macedonia.

The monastery also has rooms for the accommodation of approximately 50 persons.



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