Strezhevo Lake is an artificial lake located on the middle course of Shemnica river. The dam “Strezhevo” is erected 1.5 km downstream from Strezhevo village and 24 km from the point where Shemnica enters in Crna River. The dam is tall earth dam with central clay core and side gravel as upstream and downstream support. Its construction began in 1978, and its first parts started functioning in 1982.
The dam is 76 meters tall, with a width of 10 meters and a crown length of 632 meters.

The artificial accumulation Streshevo is of exceptional importance for Pelagonia region because it provides the necessary quantities of water for irrigation of a part of Pelagonia, the necessary quantities of unprocessed water for the needs of PE “Vodovod”, raw water for part of the industry, it protects from flooding part of Pelagonia, etc.
The clean and cold water in the accumulation provides favorable conditions for the existence of various types of fish, such as Californian trout, carp, maple, etc. The lake is managed by PE “Strezevo”, it is constantly stocked with fish, and there are some announcements for enrichment of the tourist offer in this part of Macedonia.

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