St. Mary Church, Trnovo (Св. Богородица Трново)

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St. Mary Church (Св. Богородица) is located at the entrance of village Trnovo. The old church built in 1854, was destroyed during the First World War and many of its valuable relics were lost without trace.

Its valuable iconostasis was dismantled by the Bulgarian soldiers who intended to take it to their country. However, they did not succeed, the iconostasis was recovered, and combined with the iconostasis from the church St. Dimitrij in Magarevo (which shared the similar destiny during WW1), they were placed in the church St. Mery in Bitola.

In the 1930s the church St. Mary in Trnovo was reconstructed by the local population and it again became the center of the village spiritual life.
In recent years the church’s yard has been a summer meeting place for emigrants living in European and overseas countries, as well as for the Macedonians from Aegean part of Macedonia, expelled from Greece during the Greek Civil War.
The church St. Mary in Trnovo is also one of the favorite picnic destinations for the population in Bitola.

St Mary Trnovo, Bitola, Macedonia

St Mary Trnovo, Bitola, Macedonia

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