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Holy Sunday Church (Св. Недела)

Holy Sunday Church (Св. Недела) is located on the left side of the northern entrance of Bitola near the Holy Sunday cemetery.

Built in 1863 it is three nave basilica with an octagonal dome in the middle.

The church has iconostasis made of wood and most of the icons are from modern times. As with other churches in Bitola, the local guilds here also helped in the building and in 1864 the dome of the church was painted. There is another layer of painting, developed later, at the end of the nineteenth century, but it is quite damaged.

Sv. Nedela Bitola Macedonia
In the yard of the church Holy Sunday, located are the Ilinden cemeteries, where the Macedonian insurgents from Otoman times (Komitas) Dimko Nikolov and Alexander Turudzev are buried.

Sv. Nedela Bitola Macedonia

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