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Things to Do in Bitola, Republic of Macedonia

Pelister National Park - Macedonia

Big Lake on Pelister – one day jeep excursions

According to the legend “Pelister Eyes” – the mountain lakes “Big” and “Small” on National Park Pelister – were formed ...
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Dobro Pole - WW1 location in Macedonia

Dobro Pole Jeep Excursions – Explore the Macedonian Front (WW1)

Dobro Pole is WW1 location in Municipality of Novaci on the Macedonian – Greek border. The Battle of Dobro Pole ...
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Movie Bridge - Zovik -Mariovo

Visit the beautiful Stone Bridge in Zovik village, Mariovo

Zovik village in Mariovo is one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia. Famous for its beautiful “Movie Bridge” on ...
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Kajmakcalan chappel

Kajmakcalan – WW1 Location on Nidze Moutain

Kajmakcalan (Кајмакчалан, Kaimaktsalan) is the highest peak of Mount Nidze (2.521 m) and during the First World War one of ...
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