Clock Tower in Bitola

The Clock Tower with imposing height of 32 meters, is the most recognizable landmark of Bitola.

According to some historical records, a clock tower in Bitola is mentioned as early as 1664, but we can not reliably determine whether it is the same Clock Tower that exists today. According to some researchers, today's Clock Tower was built at the same time as the nearby church of St. Demetrius, in 1830.

Bitola with Dragor River and Clock Tower - Painting in oil technique by Edward Lear 1848

Bitola with Dragor River and Clock Tower - Painting in oil technique by Edward Lear 1848

Edward Lear, Monastir, 1848 – Bitola (Monastir) with Dragor River and Clock Tower

Edward Lear Monastir 1848 Bitola Monastir with Dragor River and Clock Tower1

Clock Tower in Bitola -  E.Therond, Monastir 1875

Clock Tower in Bitola -  E.Therond, Monastir 1875

„There is a legend that the Turkish government collected 60,000 eggs from the local population, which were used in the mortar for the Clock Tower, as it would be stronger and more resilient.“

Until 1912 the Clock Tower in Bitola measured the time according to "alla turca" and afterwards the modern measurement of time "alla franga" was introduced.

Set on a square base with sides of 5.8 meters, the Clock Tower is entered through a door on the north side, and stone spiral staircase leads to the upper end of the tower, which houses the clock mechanism.

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