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Bazaars in Bitola flourished especially during the nineteenth century, when they were spread from “Drven Pazar” (Дрвен пазар - wood market) to “At Pazar” (Ат Пазар - Horse Market), with more than 2,000 stores, many shops, mills, inns and Covered Bazaar – Bezisten.
There were over 30 functionally divided bazaars, determined according to the goods being sold: Pekmez bazaar (Пекмез пазар), Cereal bazaar (Житни пазар), Horse bazaar (Ат пазар), Wood bazaar (Дрвен пазар), “Lenski”, Covered bazaar etc.
With the migration of Vlachs in Bitola, the Vlach bazaar was formed, and some of the bazaars were named after the name of the street where the products have been sold “Рибарниците” (Fish market street), “Бунар” (Well) and others.

Bitola - Turkish neighborhood with shops, 1915

Bitola - Turkish neighborhood with shops, 1915

Old photos Source: Битола низ стари разгледници - автор: Димче Најдов

Jewish bazaar, Bitola, 1915

Jewish bazaar, Bitola, 1915

Wood Market - Bitola 1915

Wood Market - Bitola 1915

Bitola "Pekmez" Bazaar in 1915.

Bitola "Pekmez" Bazaar in 1915.

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