St. Zlata Meglenska Church

St. Zlata Meglenska Church (Св Злата Мегленска) is located in the eastern part of Bitola near the restaurant Arena, and the former Tannery (Кожара).

Holy Salvation (Св. Спас) church in village Brusnik

Holy Salvation church dedicated to Ascension of Christ or the Day of Salvation is located in the east part of Brusnik village, near Bitola.

St. Dimitrij (Св. Димитриј) village Brusnik

St. Dimitrij (St. Demetrius, Св. Димитриј) church is built on the high hill above the village Brusnik. Built in the middle of 19th century, this church suffered greatly during the First World War.

Holy Annunciation (Св. Благовештение)

Holy Annunciation (Св. Благовештение) is newly built church in Strchin neigboorguud in Bitola on the road to Lavci village.

Address: Lavchanski Pat, Bitola 7000

St. Pantelejmon (Св. Пантелејмон) Church

St. Pantelejmon Church (St. Pantaleon, Св. Пантелејмон) is located near the dormitory (Студенски дом) on Studentska street.

St. Athanasius Monastery (Манастир Св. Атанасие) Smolevo

Smolevo was village located on the Baba Mountain, southwest of Bitola, between the villages Lavci and Bukovo.

St. Nicholas (Св. Никола) Lavci village

St. Nicholas (Св. Никола) is main church in village Lavci, Municipality of Bitola. Located in the center of the village, up to the church leads a narrow asphalt road.

St. Mary Church, Trnovo (Св. Богородица Трново)

St. Mary Church (Св. Богородица) is located at the entrance of village Trnovo. The old church built in 1854, was destroyed during the First World War and many of its valuable relics were lost without trace.

St. Elias Monastery (Манастир Св. Илија), village Lavci

St. Elias Monastery (Манастир Св. Илија) is located 600 meters from the center of village Lavci. It is small monastery situated in a picturesque nature and is an excellent location for a picnic for the whole family.

St. Paraskeva - Petka Church (Св. Параскева – Петка)

St. Paraskeva - Petka Church (Св. Параскева – Петка)
Address: Kocho Paligora b.b., Bitola 7000

Holy Trinity - Russian Church (Света Троица - Руска црква)

Holy Trinity - Russian Church (Света Троица - Руска црква)

Address: Nikola Tesla b.b, Bitola 7000, Macedonia

Krkardash - 40 Holy Martyrs Church (Кркардаш- Св 40 маченици)

Krkardash is legendary location in the northern part of Bitola in the Bair neighborhood. Here according to the legend, occurred unequal fight between the local Macedonian population and the conquering Тurkish army.

St. Gabriel the Archangel Church (Црква Св. Архангел Гаврил)

The Church of St. Gabriel the Archangel (Црква Св. Архангел Гаврил) is located in the neighborhood Dovledzik, at the exit of Bitola - road to Ohrid.

St. Constantine and Elena Church - Vlach Church (Црква Св. Константин и Елена – Влашка црква)

St. Constantine and Elena Church - Vlach Church (Црква Св. Константин и Елена – Влашка црква) was originally built on the site where today is located hotel "Epinal".

St. Naum (Св. Наум)

St. Naum (Св. Наум)
Address: H. Hristov 15, Bitola 7000

The building of Adventist Church in Bitola

The object of Adventist Church (Адвентистичка Црква) in Bitola,  located near the city library St. Kliment Ohridski, is constructed at the end of the 19th century, as a private residential facility, in an eclectic neo-Renaissance or neo-baroque style.

Holy Sunday Church (Св. Недела)

Holy Sunday Church (Св. Недела) is located on the left side of the northern entrance of Bitola near the Holy Sunday cemetery.

St. Mary (Св. Богородица) - Bitola

Church St. Mary (Св. Богородица) is located near the Dragor River and primary school St. Kiril and Metodij.

St. Archangel Michael Monastery in Bitola (Манастир Св. Архангел Михаил Битола)

St. Archangel Michael Monastery (Манастир Св. Архангел Михаил Битола) is located in the North part of Bitola in Bair neighborhood near Krkardash (Church 40 martyrs) in the locality “Rashtanski Lozja”.

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