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Things to See near Bitola, Republic of Macedonia

Yeni Hammam

Yeni hammam

Yeni hammam (New hammam) is the pearl of the oriental architecture in Bitola. Housed in the former Wooden Market, it ...
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Керим бегов амам

Kerim Bey hammam

The Kerim Bey hammam  (Turkish bath) is located near the Chinar tree and the primary school Gjorgi Sugarev in Bitola ...
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Dzepane - old turkish amory in Bitola

Dzepane – the fortress above Bitola

Dzepane or “The Fortress above Bitola” (Turkish “cephane” – gun powder / ammunition depot; Macedonian: Џепане) is a monument of ...
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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk memorial room – Virtual Tour

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – Virtual Tour – Bitola museum Don't miss St. Dimitrij Church in Bitola Krstoar Monastery near Bitola ...
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Golemo Ezero - Big Lake - Pelister National Park, Macedonia

Golemo Ezero (Big Lake) on Pelister

Golemo Ezero (Big Lake, Големо Езеро) is post glacial lake on Pelister National Park on altitude of 2218 m. The ...
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Sirok Sokak – the most famous street in Macedonia

If I go to Bitola (Ако одам во Битола)  I will walk on Sirok Sokak (Ќе прошетам по Широк Сокак)  ...
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Pelister Info Center

Pelister Info Center

Pelister Info Center is a location where you can find more information concerning your visit of the National Park Pelister ...
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deboj bitola great hamam

Deboj hammam in Bitola

For the Deboj in Bitola there are no reliable historical data, but it is assumed that it  was probably built ...
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bitola monastir panorama 1848 edward lear

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola

Haydar Kadi Mosque in Bitola is located on the left side of Dragor River, near the former Sheep Market and ...
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Krklino Museum Bitola, Macedonia

Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip” in village Krklino

Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip” is a private museum located in village Krklino, just 5 km from Bitola. With collection ...
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Bukovo Monastery – Holy Transfiguration of Christ - near Bitola

Bukovo Monastery – Holy Transfiguration of Christ – near Bitola

Bukovo Monastery – Holy Transfiguration of Christ (Буковски Манастир) is located in a beautiful mountain area near the villages Bukovo ...
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Manastir Krstoar, Bitola

Krstoar Monastery near Bitola

Monastery St. Christopher in Krstoar village near Bitola is one of the more famous monasteries in this part of Republic ...
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Eleni Karinte House in Bitola, Macedonia

Eleni Karinte – The Great Love of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the father of modern Turkey, studied in Monastir (Bitola) Military High School from 1896 untill 1899. Although there are ...
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Stopanska Banka Bitola

Building of Stopanska Banka Bitola

The building in which today is located Stopanska Banka Bitola (Стопанска Банка Битола), according to its historical and architectural aesthetic values, ...
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Mitropolija Bitola

Мetropolitan residence in Bitola – one of the finest examples of neo-Baroque architecture in Macedonia

The building of the Metropolitan residence in Bitola, according to its historical and architectural aesthetic values, has the status of ...
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Oficerski Bitola - House of Army in Bitola

House of Army (Oficerski) in Bitola

Oficerski or The House of Army (Офицерски дом) in Bitola, according to its historical and architectural aesthetic values, has the ...
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Gymnasium “Josip Broz Tito” in Bitola – one of the oldest educational institutions in Macedonia

The object of the Gymnasium “Josip Broz Tito” (Јосип Броз Тито) in Bitola, is a monument of culture of Republic ...
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Isa Fakıh Mosque

Isa Fakıh Mosque is located close to the Big Çınar tree, and the Eski Çifte hammam. It was erected in 1505-1506, ...
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Zandan Kule Bitola

Zandan Kule (Prison Tower) in Bitola

Zandan Kule  in Bitola is a well-preserved stone tower, located in the schoolyard of the primary school “Stiv Naumov” Bitola ...
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Hasan Baba Mosque

Hasan Baba Mosque is located in the Upper western outskirts of Bitola in Madzarmaale neighborhood, on the right side of the ...
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Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque Bitola

Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque

Hadzi Mahmud Bey Mosque is located in Bitola old bazaar, close to the river Dragor. In the times when Evliya ...
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Jewish Cemetery in Bitola, Macedonia

Jewish memorial cemetery in Bitola

The Jewish cemetery in Bitola is located at the entrance of Bitola, opposite the church “Holy Sunday”. The portal of ...
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Stiv Naumov - Memorial house

Stiv Naumov – Memorial house

The house of birth of the national hero Stevan Naumov – Stiv is located on the street Peco Bozinovski No ...
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Goce Delchev Memorial museum

Goce Delchev Memorial museum

The memorial museum dedicated to the famous visionary of the Macedonian Liberation Movement is located on the street Stevce Patakot ...
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Magaza gallery Bitola

Magaza (Gallery)

Magaza cultural center in Bitola is gallery exhibition space in which many temporary exhibitions or various events are held throughout ...
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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – memorial room in Bitola

The memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is part of the Bitola Museum (Click to read more…) Address: Kliment Ohridski ...
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heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Heraclea Lyncestis – Archaeological Site

Heraclea Lyncestis is ancient Macedonian city located 2 km from Bitola. Founded in the middle of IV-th century B.C. by ...
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NI Institute and Museum Bitola

Bitola Museum

Bitola Museum is located in the building called “Old army Barack”, which is registered monument of culture of first category ...
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Clock Tower in Bitola

Clock Tower in Bitola

The Clock Tower with imposing height of 32 meters, is the most recognizable landmark of Bitola. According to some historical ...
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Bezisten - covered bazaar in Bitola

Bezisten (Covered Bazaar) in Bitola

Preserved records from Bitola, pertaining the period from the XVI-XIX century, mention many public buildings characteristic of Turkish construction, including ...
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Bitola bazaar

Bitola Old Bazaar

Bazaars in Bitola flourished especially during the nineteenth century, when they were spread from “Drven Pazar” (Дрвен пазар – wood ...
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Big Lake - National park Pelister, Macedonia

Pelister National Park

Pelister (2601 m) is the highest peak of Baba Mountain and the third highest peak in Macedonia. Pelister is often ...
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Isak Mosque in Bitola

Isak Mosque

Isak Mosque is largest and main mosque in Bitola, situated along the north bank of the Dragor River. Built in ...
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Catholic Church - Sacred Heart of Jesus Bitola

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church “Sacred Heart of Jesus” is located in Bitola city center on the main street Shirok Sokak. In ...
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Yeni Mosque Bitola (Јени џамија)

Yeni Mosque Bitola

Yeni Mosque in Bitola is located in the city center on the right side of the River Dragor near the ...
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Saint Dimitrij church in Bitola

St. Dimitrij Church in Bitola

The church St. Dimitrij in Bitola was built in 1830, replacing the former old burnt chapel from 1726. Built with ...
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