Things to See near Bitola, Republic of Macedonia

Golemo Ezero - Big Lake - Pelister National Park, Macedonia

Golemo Ezero (Big Lake) on Pelister

Golemo Ezero (Big Lake, Големо Езеро) is a post-glacial lake on Pelister National Park on an altitude of 2218 m ...
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Shirok sokak Bitola - the most famous street in Macedonia

Širok Sokak – the most famous street in Macedonia

If I go to Bitola If I go to Bitola (Ако одам во Битола)  I will walk on Sirok Sokak ...
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Krklino Museum Bitola, Macedonia

Auto and Ethno Museum “Filip” in village Krklino

About the Museum Auto and Ethno Museum "Filip" is a private museum located in village Krklino, just 5 km from ...
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Куќата во која живеела Елени Каринте

Eleni Karinte – The Great Love of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the father of modern Turkey, studied in Monastir (Bitola) Military High School from 1896 untill 1899. Although there are ...
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Church St Mary Bitola - front view

St. Mary church (Св. Богородица) – Bitola – photo gallery

Part 1 Church St. Mary (Св. Богородица) is located near the Dragor River and primary school St. Kiril and Metodij. Built ...
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Mustafa Kemal Ataturk – memorial room in Bitola

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - memorial room The memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is part of the Bitola Museum. Address: ...
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heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Heraclea Lyncestis – Archaeological Site

Heraclea Lyncestis is an ancient Macedonian city located 2 km from Bitola. Founded in the middle of the IV-th century ...
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NI Institute and Museum Bitola

Bitola Museum

Bitola Museum is located in the building called “Old army Barack”, which is a registered monument of culture of the ...
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Clock Tower in Bitola

Clock Tower in Bitola

Clock Tower in Bitola The Clock Tower with an imposing height of 32 meters, is the most recognizable landmark of ...
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Bezisten - covered bazaar in Bitola

Bezisten (Covered Bazaar) in Bitola

Preserved records from Bitola, pertaining the period from the XVI-XIX century, mention many public buildings characteristic of Turkish construction, including ...
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Bitola bazaar

Bitola Old Bazaar

Bazaars in Bitola flourished especially during the nineteenth century, when they were spread from “Drven Pazar” (Дрвен пазар - wood ...
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Национален Парк Пелистер

Pelister National Park

The Pelister National Park is situated between the Prespa and Pelagonia valleys, in the southwestern part of the Republic of ...
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Св. Димитриј, Битола

St. Dimitrij Church in Bitola

The church St. Dimitrij (Saint Demetrios) in Bitola was built in 1830, replacing the former burnt chapel from 1726. Built ...
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Isak Mosque in Bitola

Isak Mosque – largest and main mosque in Bitola

Isak Mosque is the largest and main mosque in Bitola, situated along the north bank of the Dragor River. Built ...
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Catholic Church - Sacred Heart of Jesus Bitola

Catholic Church

The Catholic Church “Sacred Heart of Jesus” is located in Bitola city center on the main street Shirok Sokak. In ...
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Yeni Mosque Bitola (Јени џамија)

Yeni Mosque Bitola

Yeni Mosque in Bitola is located in the city center on the right side of the River Dragor near the ...
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