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Shiroka Mountain Hut
The mountain hut Shiroka is located at an altitude of 1950 meters below the peak Pelister. Also known as “the hunting lodge”, the object was used only during the summer months by blueberry pickers, who used it as a place to sleep and store the collected blueberries. Since 2016, the process of renovation of the object has been started by...
Isak Mosque during WW1 compared to 2020
Bitola then and now. Old photo - French soldier and local population at the bridge near Bezisten Bazaar and Isak Mosque, during the First World War, compared to the same location in March 2020. Wait for the photo to appear and drag left / right
Министерство за одбрана - Подрачна единица Битола
Activity: Organizes the defense in institutions, public enterprises, companies in the area of the municipality of Bitola, in accordance with the obligations under the Law on Defense. Contact Ministry of Defense - Regional Unit Bitola Address: Slavko Lumbarkovski bb, 7000 Bitola Phone: +389 47 202 911 Fax: +389 47 202 935
Сектор за Внатрешни работи - Битола
Activity: Protecting the life, personal security, and property of citizens, maintaining public order and peace, preventing the commission of crimes, detecting and apprehending perpetrators, regulating and controlling road traffic and other safety-related matters, road traffic. Contact Sector of Internal Affairs - Bitola Address: ul. Bul 1-vi Maj bb, 7000, Bitola Phone: +389 47 225 110 Police - emergency number - 192 Police Station...
Министерство за правда - Подрачна единица Битола
Activity: Updating Voter Lists - registering changes in address data, relocation (new data), registration of citizens who have acquired the right to vote and deleting citizens from the voter list on various grounds. Authentication of signatures in the process of collecting signatures on the initiative of citizens. Within this branch office, there are local offices that run: Birth, Marriage and...
Министерство за економија
Direct supervision of the operations of entities in the fields of trade, catering and tourism, production, handicraft. Ministry of Economy - Regional Unit Bitola Address: ul. Bul 1-vi Maj bb, 7000 Bitola Phone: +389 47 237-020; +389 47 237-239 Fax:+389 47 203-088 State Inspectorate - Dept. Bitola Phone: +389 47 223-635
Министерство за земјоделство, шумарство и водостопанство - Подрачна единица Битола
Implementation and control over the implementation of the legislation in the field of agriculture, forestry and water economy and financial support to agricultural producers. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy - Regional Unit Bitola Address: ul. Bul.1-vi Maj bb, 7000 Bitola Phone/Fax +389 47 237 419 http://www.mzsv.gov.mk
Против пожарна станица Битола
The Territorial Fire Protection Unit of Bitola was established by an act of Rumelia Vali under the rule of the Turkish Sultan Mahmud III on 20.05.1836. The fire department at the time had 15 firefighters employed, of whom one Muslim (chief - haji) and 14 Macedonians, people of the raya. This unit was supplied with one fire pump. This territorial fire...
Niskogradba Bitola logo
The Public Communal Enterprise "Niskogradba" - Bitola was established for the purpose of performing a business activity in the communal area of public interest, which is an indispensable condition for the life and work of the citizens on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola. The activity of KJP "Nisogradba" Bitola is carried out in the following organizational sections: 1. Sewage...
Јп Водовод Битола
The water supply company J.P. "Vodovod" Bitola was founded in 1920 with the primary activity of producing and distributing clean drinking water for the citizens of Bitola. Contact J.P. “Vodovod“ Address: Kliment Ohridski bb, 7000, Bitola Phone: +389 47 227 448, 227-449 Fax: +389 47 225 140 Stopanski Dvor: +389 47 238 200 Filternica: +389 47 293 090 Email: vodovod@mt.net.mk