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The public enterprise "Pazari" was established by a decision of the Ministry of Finance of NRM on 09.06.1952, and by the Statute of the company on 12.08.1998. is constituted as a public enterprise "Pazari" - Bitola. PE "Pazari" was established for organizing and managing the wholesale and retail markets on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola and for renting...
JP Komunalec Bitola
Јавното комунално претпријатие “Комуналец“ е основано како Установа за комунална хигиена од Собранието на Општината Битола за вршење на комунални дејности на подрачјето на Општината Битола со решение бр. 331/66 од 17.01.1966 год. во Окружниот суд во Битола.
Грб на Општина Битола
Грбот и знамето на општина Битола се утврдени на седницата на Советот на Општина Битола, одржана на 21.03.2006 год.
Транскоп Битола
Од приградската автобуска станица во Битола поаѓаат автобуси кои сообраќаат на регионалните линии. Истата е во сопственост на фирмата “Патнички сообраќај – ТРАНСКОП“, АД – Битола
Transkop Bitola
The intercity bus station in Bitola is owned by the company "TRANSKOP", AD - Bitola and from there a large number of intercity and international buses depart. Address: Nikola Tesla 160, 7000 Bitola Phones: Offices: +389(0)47 231 192 Intercity bus station - Bitola: +389(0)47 231 420, +389(0)76 436 555 e-пошта – e-mail: info@transkop.mk Timetable: https://transkop.mk >>>
The first railway connection of Bitola was built in 1894, with direction Bitola - Thessaloniki. Later, for the military transports on the Macedonian Front (WW1) in 1916, a narrow line connecting Bitola with Gradsko was built, as well as a narrow line from Bakarno Gumno - Borotino - Buchin - Kutretino - Svinjista - Lera. In 1919, a narrow gauge...
Established in 1956 the Workers' University "Krste Petkov Misirkov" operates through its centers of general education and culture, vocational and technical education, mass education of the people, obtaining basic education for adults and so on. There are various foreign language courses, typography, informatics and more within the university. The university functions with 2,000 seats and a small hall with 300...
Гимназија Јосип Броз Тито
Year of establishment: 1945 Address: Bul. May 1st 51 Phone: +389 47 224 316/ +389 47 238-016 SOU Gymnasium Josip Broz Tito - social-humanistic area - natural-mathematical area - linguistic-artistic special class with experimental German language teaching Read more about the object of the Gymnasium as cultural heritage >>>
Year of establishment: 1984/85 Address: Boris Kidric 37 Phone: +389 47 220 192 SOU Taki Daskalo - gymnasium high school education linguistic-artistic social-humanistic natural-mathematical - geological-mining and metallurgical profession geological-mining technician mining machinery operator - III degree - Traffic profession traffic technician technician for traffic and shpedition - textile-leather profession apparel tehnician apparel-III degree - graphic profession graphic technician print worker -III degree bookbinder...
Year of establishment: 29.6.1956 Address: Ivo Lola bb Phone: +389 47 237 850/ +389 47 224 984 SOMU Dr. Jovan Kalauzi - Health profession nurse-technician; dentist pharmaceutical-laboratory technician medical-laboratory technician physiotherapeutic technician gynecological-obstetrician nurse - Personal services optician technician