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Министерство за земјоделство, шумарство и водостопанство - Подрачна единица Битола
Implementation and control over the implementation of the legislation in the field of agriculture, forestry and water economy and financial support to agricultural producers. Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy - Regional Unit Bitola Address: ul. Bul.1-vi Maj bb, 7000 Bitola Phone/Fax +389 47 237 419 http://www.mzsv.gov.mk
Против пожарна станица Битола
The Territorial Fire Protection Unit of Bitola was established by an act of Rumelia Vali under the rule of the Turkish Sultan Mahmud III on 20.05.1836. The fire department at the time had 15 firefighters employed, of whom one Muslim (chief - haji) and 14 Macedonians, people of the raya. This unit was supplied with one fire pump. This territorial fire...
Niskogradba Bitola logo
The Public Communal Enterprise "Niskogradba" - Bitola was established for the purpose of performing a business activity in the communal area of public interest, which is an indispensable condition for the life and work of the citizens on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola. The activity of KJP "Nisogradba" Bitola is carried out in the following organizational sections: 1. Sewage...
Јп Водовод Битола
The water supply company J.P. "Vodovod" Bitola was founded in 1920 with the primary activity of producing and distributing clean drinking water for the citizens of Bitola. Contact J.P. “Vodovod“ Address: Kliment Ohridski bb, 7000, Bitola Phone: +389 47 227 448, 227-449 Fax: +389 47 225 140 Stopanski Dvor: +389 47 238 200 Filternica: +389 47 293 090 Email: vodovod@mt.net.mk
The public enterprise "Pazari" was established by a decision of the Ministry of Finance of NRM on 09.06.1952, and by the Statute of the company on 12.08.1998. is constituted as a public enterprise "Pazari" - Bitola. PE "Pazari" was established for organizing and managing the wholesale and retail markets on the territory of the Municipality of Bitola and for renting...
JP Komunalec Bitola
Јавното комунално претпријатие “Комуналец“ е основано како Установа за комунална хигиена од Собранието на Општината Битола за вршење на комунални дејности на подрачјето на Општината Битола со решение бр. 331/66 од 17.01.1966 год. во Окружниот суд во Битола.
Грб на Општина Битола
Грбот и знамето на општина Битола се утврдени на седницата на Советот на Општина Битола, одржана на 21.03.2006 год.
Транскоп Битола
Од приградската автобуска станица во Битола поаѓаат автобуси кои сообраќаат на регионалните линии. Истата е во сопственост на фирмата “Патнички сообраќај – ТРАНСКОП“, АД – Битола
Transkop Bitola
The intercity bus station in Bitola is owned by the company "TRANSKOP", AD - Bitola and from there a large number of intercity and international buses depart. Address: Nikola Tesla 160, 7000 Bitola Phones: Offices: +389(0)47 231 192 Intercity bus station - Bitola: +389(0)47 231 420, +389(0)76 436 555 e-пошта – e-mail: info@transkop.mk Timetable: https://transkop.mk >>>
The first railway connection of Bitola was built in 1894, with direction Bitola - Thessaloniki. Later, for the military transports on the Macedonian Front (WW1) in 1916, a narrow line connecting Bitola with Gradsko was built, as well as a narrow line from Bakarno Gumno - Borotino - Buchin - Kutretino - Svinjista - Lera. In 1919, a narrow gauge...