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Elpida Karamandi - Primary School Year of establishment: 1980 Address: "Vasko Karangelevski" bb Phone: +389 47 258 774 Languages: Macedonian and Albanian
Dame Gruev - Primary School in Bitola Year of establishment: 1963 Address: “Gjorce Petrov” 7 Phone: +389 47 202 900 Language: Macedonian
Majski cvet - Kinder-garden (Детска градинка - ЈОУДГ “Мајски цвет“) Address: JNA bb Phone: +389 47 251 108 Within "Majski Cvet" work 6 kindergartens: Majski Cvet (May flower) Koca Vasileva Kokice (Snowdrop) Kacunka (Crocus Plant) Peperutka (Butterfly) Slavejce (Nightingale)
"Estreja Ovadia Mara" Kindergarten (Детска градинка - ЈОУДГ “Естреја Овадија Мара“) Address: Naum Naumovski Borce bb Phonw: +389 47 236-604 Within Estreja Ovadia Mara work 5 kindergartens Prolet, Vangel Majorot Snegulka Kolibri Rosica
Министерство за труд и социјална политика лого
Меѓуопштинскиот центар за социјална работа – Битола овозможува стручна помош и заштита на најразлични категории и корисници односно помош и заштита на лицата со проблеми од социјалната сфера на општественото живеење.
Широк Сокак кон север или Авенија на Слободата во 1908 г
The oldest remnants of human life in the Pelagonia valley date back to the Neolithic period, with the oldest representative of the Velushina-Porod culture dating back to the late Neolithic.
Ревија на традиционални носии
Within the festival "Ilinden Days 2019", a Folk Costumes Show was organized by the Ensemble Macedonia, on 30.07.2019. Traditional folk costumes from the ethnographic entities: Gorno-Vardar, Debar-Reka, Brsjachka, South-Macedonian, and Skopje region were shown. The show also had an educational character, where through rich narrative descriptions and vocal-instrumental performances, the rich folk creativity was presented, expressed through folk costumes and...
Ilindenski denovi - 2019 - cover
Ilindenski Denovi - Ilinden Days (Илинденски денови) is a festival of folk songs and dances, that takes place in Bitola every year at the end of July and beginning of august.
Ротинско езеро
Rotino lake near Rotino village is actually an artificial accumulation on Rotino River, south-west of the village of Rotino.
Манастир Св. Илија, Ротино
The monastery church dedicated to St. Elijah (Св. Илија) is a relatively new object, which, according to the local population, was built on the foundations of an older monastery.