Why Bitola – Because we dare you to enjoy more!

Sirok Sokak Bitola, Macedonia

Are you interested to learn about one of the oldest civilizations in Europe?

Want to see original dazzling mosaics dating from 4th century?

Are you an encounter willing to indulge in great new fresh experience?

Then, let us guide you to explore Bitola!

Bitola offers you absolute zero stress and a spirit of well-being. This is a warm invite to feel the mixture of the East and the West, to reinvent your term of taste due to the culinary delights that city restaurants offer, and to be part of a very typical and vibrant local lifestyle.

Bitola is a city which tells the stories of serenades, pianos and love.

clock tower bitola macedonia

We want to wish you a warm welcome to the city recognizable by its charm and hospitality.  

Bitola’s urban atmosphere is perfectly combined with its picturesque surroundings. The city is noted for its cultural and historical spots, unique traditions and lifestyle of the locals.

Walking through the most ambient street in the country, Shirok Sokak, you will have the chance to fulfill your time with stories how this city deserved the epithets like: the city of the first camera in the Balkans, the city of consuls, the city of pianos, the cultural center in Macedonia.

As someone said, to understand Bitola, you must understand love.

shirok sokak bitola macedonia

Tumultuous history events made this city beautiful and dignified, rich in traditions, evocative architecture and thriving cultural life. Being a crossroad between the East and the West throughout many centuries, the city reflects spirit of multiculturalism, openness and relaxation.  

Having many locations to explore shouldn’t be a difficulty in Bitola. You can go through the city and explore the exceptional sites very easy by foot or by bicycle. The city is marked with touristic signs and they will help you to find your way.

heraclea lyncestis bitola macedonia

Only 15km away from the city is the Bitola’s green oasis. Bitola’s natural abundance is offering you to visit some specific natural and cultural particularities. Some of these are the endemic Molika pine and the National Park Pelister, an area known of rare animal and vegetal species, noted for the exceptional glacial lakes, ski centers as well as rural parts abound with tourist capacities.

horses near bitola macedonia

You can choose between hiking, climbing, cycling, eco-tours, enjoying the nature, skiing, historical tours or you can just let your senses dive in the culinary pleasures prepared by the locals.

big lake pelister macedonia

The urban milieu is additionally richer by the various and numerous cultural events organized throughout the whole year.  Organized events are marked by the rich traditions as well as the modern creativity.

No matter if you are interested in cultural tourism or you are an active holiday’s lover, this city offers you an opportunity to enjoy many possibilities.

Don’t think, just come!

Bitola will color your day with pleasures by your preferences.