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Yeni hammam (New hammam) is the pearl of the oriental architecture in Bitola. Housed in the former Wooden Market, it is assumed that this hammam dates back to the 17th century.

The hammams (Turkish baths) had an important role in cultures in the Balkans as places for social communication and their creators were quite good and famous architects. These were places where different ethnicities from Bitola were hanging out, entertained and completely relaxed taking care of their personal hygiene and health.
Yeni hammam was functional until the first half of the 20th century.
Today, part of the building and its interior are completely destroyed and exposed to permanent decay.

Yeni Hammam Bitola
Yeni Hammam Bitola

Golemo Ezero (Big Lake) on Pelister


Golemo Ezero (Big Lake, Големо Езеро) is post glacial lake on Pelister National Park on altitude of 2218 m. The lake is located in the original part of Ezerska River, a left tributary of the river Sapuncica.

Clock Tower in Bitola

Clock Tower in Bitola


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