Zovik village, Mariovo – one day Jeep excursion

Movie Bridge - Zovik -Mariovo

Zovik village in Mariovo is one of the most beautiful villages in Macedonia. Famous for its beautiful “Movie Bridge” on Gradeshka River, the traditional architecture, rich cultural heritage and picturesque nature, this village is definitely a „must see“ location.



  • Type of tour: Tourist drive with jeep
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Location:Village Zovik, Municipality of Novaci
  • Dates: All year on demand
  • Duration:~ 8-10 hours
  • Altitudes: Bitola 615 m, Zovik village 721 m



  • 09.00 h – Departure from previously agreed location in Bitola
  • Tourist drive through the villages – Logovardi, Novaci, Makovo, Rapesh (~ 1 hour).
  • Arrival at Zovik village
  • *Upon request – an opportunity for a traditional lunch at Ethno House in village Zovik.
  • Return to Bitola ~ 16:00 h

What to Do and See in Zovik village

The Stone Bridge on Gradeshka River is among the most beautiful architectural works in Mariovo region. It is made of carved stone blocks, adapted to the configuration of the terrain. In the lower part of the bridge, adjacent to the river there is a water mill, which until recently was used by the local the population.

Delighted by the beauty of the bridge, the most famous Macedonian movie director Milcho Manchevski, recorded part of his film “Dust”, right at this place.

The clean Gradesha river is a great place for rest and recreation of the entire family, especially during the summer months.

Your stay in the village of Zovik would not be complete if you do not visit the Ethno house “At the Bridge”, known for its authentic gourmet specialties from Mariovo.

In the village of Zovik there are two churches.

Church St. Nikola is located in the center of the village and was built in 1862. It suffered great damage during the First World War and was restored in 1927. Interesting fact about this church, is that its founders, that is, two of the richer peasants who helped build it, are presented as saints at the entrances of the church, which is a real rarity in these parts.

The second and from earlier period is the church of St. Atanasij, a small one-aisled church built outside the village in the 17th century. A walk up to this church is a pleasant experience for the whole family and its position provides a breathtaking panoramas of Mariovo region.


Trip Includes

Trip Includes

  • Transport to the location with 4 x 4 terrain vehicle
  • Organization and realization of the trip

Trip Excludes

  • travel insurance
  • other individual costs



Safety recommendations

  • Pregnant women and guests who have problems with neck, back, other health problems or allergies are advised to consult a doctor regarding their participation in jeep excursions.
  • If you are allergic or if you need some medication, keep in mind that all jeep tours are on locations outside of urban areas.
  • Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Pick up / Drop off location

  • The excursions start/end from a previously agreed location in Bitola city (hotel, parking, etc.)

Recommended equipment:

  • Proper clothing and footwear. In some locations there is a high grass, insects, snakes, etc., so if you plan short walks in nature, it is necessary to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Sunglasses with UV filter
  • Sun Protection Cream (recommended above SPF 30)
  • Insect repellent
  • Digital Camera
  • Snacks/Food/ beverages – The excursion does not include food and drinks. On some locations there is a drinkable spring water, but there is no place where you can buy food. It is recommended that each participant carries sufficient amount of food for his/her daily needs. In Zovik village there is an Ethno house “At the Bridge” where traditional lunch can be organized – the ethno house works only with previous reservation.

Environmental Protection

  • Please keep the environment clean. Any environmental pollution is strictly forbidden and punishable by law.

Changes to the program and cancellation of the excursion

The organizer has the right to amend the program in case of Force majeure or extraordinary circumstances that he could not foresee, avoid or remove.

If it has previously been paid for the excursion, the travel participant has the right to refund the amount for unrealized services or an appropriate replacement.

The organizer is obliged to inform the participant in due time about any changes.

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