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Bit Fest 2018 – Bitola Summer Festival


Bit Fest or Bitola Summer Festival is summer event which involves many renowned artists from Macedonia and abroad, and it is held every summer in Bitola.

AKTO Festival for contemporary arts


AKTO Festival for contemporary arts in Bitola is organized since 2006.

Interfest Bitola – Festival for Classical Music


Interfest is an international festival dedicated mainly to classical music where many creative and reproductive artist from all over the world take place.

International Graphic Triennial Bitola


International Graphic Triennial is held since 1994. Its main goal is with lust and great love to touch and discover the modern graphic activities from all meridians.

Manaki Brothers – Film Festival


MANAKI BROTHERS - The International Cinematographers’ Film Festival, is the first and oldest film festival dedicated to the creativity of cinematographers across the world.

Iindenski denovi 2019 poster

Ilindenski Denovi – Festival of Folk songs and Dances


Ilinden Days (Илинденски денови) - Festival of Folk songs and Dances takes place in Bitola every year from 27-th July - 2nd August.

Lokum Fest


Lokum Fest is festival of music and tradition which takes place since 2007 in the old Bazaar in Bitola.

Camera 300 International Festival


Camera 300 is International Festival of amateur documentary film which is held annually in Bitola.

Small Monmartre of Bitola

The Art manifestation "Small Monmartre of Bitola" is organized by the art studio "Kiril and Metodij" and during the years has turned into a successful children's art festival.